Tropical Garden 2005

Free plants from Top Tropicals!

OK, where is the catch?

All you have to do is to share your experience with others. Send us your article, any cultivation tips or research/observation results, a short essay about growing tropical plants in your greenhouse, a story of an exciting tour or visiting botanical garden... and receive FREE plants from us when your story is published!

The Tropical Contest 2004 showed everybody that many of you have beautiful plants growing in your backyards or just on a windowsill, and a thumb of a bright-green-color... and yet you have so much to share with others! The voting program isn't perfect, sometimes the winner is the one who has more friends to vote for him/her... Besides, even if we decide to be a judge, it's so hard to make a choice who's work of love is the best - all plants are beautiful and wonderfully taken care of.

This year we decided that every one who makes a good effort in a hard work of tropical gardening, should be rewarded!

Every article, published on TopTropicals website, will be awarded with free plants (shipping not included).

Besides, by the end of the Year 2005, we will announce -

Garden Contest 2005
Grand Prix
for the Best Article about Tropical Plants 2005

The winner will be chosen by TopTropicals Jury and will receive a valuable rare exotic plant from Thailand.
More information will be posted later on.

Articles award rates
(only for published amount of text and pictures):

1000 characters of text equals to $5 in plants value
3000 (about 1 page of text) will give you $15 towards your purchase
Each published photo adds 5% to your initial "paycheck"


3 pages of text = 9000 characters, will provide you with plants $45 of value
5 photos will add 25%, or $11.25
You will receive free plants worth of $56.25, but you have to pay for shipping (shipping charge can be seen in our shopping cart for each plant).
And of course, you also have a chance to win the Grand Prix!



  • Do not send HTML text. We will design those pages for you!
  • Do not use font formatting (size, color, etc.). We only need plain text, design will be created later.
  • File names must contain Latin characters only (no Cyrillic or Japanese fonts, etc.).
  • Do not archive your files (RAR, Zip, etc.)
  • Do not insert pictures inside Word document. Pictures must be sent as attachments only.
  • Please do not attach more than 2 Mb size files to 1 message!!! Send as many messages as pictures you have. By sending large attachment (over 2 Mb) in one message you are blocking our email system, your message will be deleted automatically and won't be delivered to us.

Copyrights will be kept by the author*. Further use of your materials by TopTropicals can be done with your permission.

Possible Topic Categories
(these are examples, the list may be long!)
Topic Example
Tropical plant
Tropical plants cultivation
Your growing experience,
growing tips and Do-It-Yourself ideas
Garden Tours
Topics related to tropical plants

Send your stories and photos to - . Your free plants will be shipped to you right away as soon as your article is published (you have to pay for shipping only).
Deadline for Grand Prix - December 1, 2005.

The best articles may be included in our future Printed Issue of "Jungle on a Window Sill" (in English) and other printed publications with author's permission.

*You must be the author of the text and picture - it has to be YOUR experience. Any use of other sources (books, websites) is author's responsibility and must be provided by copyright holder permission.