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front yard - ponds and orchids (front patio) - back yard - fruit trees - plants in pots (back patio) - house plants - zoo

Our property is lake front, as you will see further. However, it didn't seem enough to have water only in the back yard, and we decided to create a Pond. It was made almost "overnight" (actually, over a few nights) on this little piece of land in the corner next to the front patio. It was one of our first "do-it-yourself" projects, and you may see the complete story in our article Pond for your Mother-In-Law.

original site

Marking the future shape

almost done...

Digging process...

Here we go!


This pond is a good home not only for Gold Fish, but also for many plants. Colocasia 'Black Runner', Ipomoea, Iris, water lilies...

Colocasia 'Black Runner' is a very impressive water plant! The more sun, the deeper the off-blue-black color... The light leaves is invasive Pistia stratiotes (water lettuce) that we have to clean by garbage bag weekly!

The same pathway a few months apart

During summer rainy season everything grows so fast...
that we can't catch up with cleaning the path through...

Hibiscus schizopetalus over the pond

Now you hardly can see the entrance... Postmen get lost in the jungle... as well as salesmen!

Beautiful Combretum at the front door along with Cream Allamanda vine

Strongylodon (Jade vine) took over the Christmas palm.

Stephanotis emerges its sweet
fragrance right next to the entrance

Calliandra Schultzii
has very delicate pink
powderpuffs flowers

Combretum's powderpuffs

Once you step on the patio, you enter a little Orchid Garden. To increase humidity, we made another small pond right in the corner of the patio with a little waterfall and... frogs in it...

After stealing cat's food they have their bellies about to burst, and they are enjoying themselves...


front yard - ponds and orchids (front patio) - back yard - fruit trees - plants in pots (back patio) - house plants - zoo