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This is a very small section about house plants. Why so little? Because all house plants are tropicals or subtropicals in nature, and we have these conditions outdoors! On the other hand, here is a good answer to a frequently asked question: "Can I grow this tropical plant indoors?" Yes, you can. What is a tropical plant? It is a plant that requires certain temperature conditions, i.e. usually between 55 and 85 F. This is something you can have at home! But don't forget, that temperature is not the only important characteristic. Most of plants need bright light (especially those that bloom and fruit) and high air humidity. If you can provide all 3 parameters right - this is a key to success!

Jasminum Sambac

Jasminum Sambac - an outdoor plant that can be easily grown indoors! (See more info here)

Cissus - a traditional indoor plant that enjoys it outside. This plant is very unusual - a cactus-looking succulent, it has real grape-like leaves and cucumber whiskers! We call it "our cucumber cactus".


Cissus quadrangularis

This lipstick plant is very attractive not only because of it's red "lipsticks", but also with the brown "bells" where the lipstick comes from...

Aeschynanthus radicans 'Crispa' - Lipstick plant

Do you have a skylight in your bathroom? Why waste a well-lit room? It's a perfect place with high humidity for creating a piece of rainforest (get you husband's confirmation first unless you are the Boss).

Cissus amazonica (right)

This Cissus amazonica grew a huge 'beard' of air roots. It really enjoys it next to a shower!

Of course there is no room left on the windows, what are you talking about?

Although our climate conditions allow us to grow all these beautiful tropical plants outdoors, we were curious how they adjust to conditions inside the house. 90% of our customers live in Northern States, out of tropical or subtropical zones (many of them - in Russia as far as Siberia) and evidently they grow our plant indoors, at least during cool season. We decided to make an experiment and see with our own eyes how these plants adjust to indoor conditions with lack of light and humidity.

On the windowsil from left to right:


  • Exposure - North
  • Temperature in the house - 78F (AC)
  • Air Humidity - 50% (AC makes air dry)
  • Pot size 4"
  • Watering - daily 1-2 oz
  • Misting - no misting (don't have time)
  • Fertilizer - small release Osmocote with minors

Clerodendrum thomsoniae

Calliandra emarginata

Tabernaemontana Flore Pleno

Barleria cristata

Whitefeldia elongata


front yard - ponds and orchids (front patio) - back yard - fruit trees - plants in pots (back patio) - house plants - zoo