TopTropicals Newsletter / February 22, 2011

Orange flowers welcoming Sunny Spring!
- blooming right now -

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1189 Senecio confusus - Mexican flame vine

Fast-growing vine with beautiful bright orange flowers year round, with the most profuse blooming in Winter through Spring. Great for covering fences, etc. Good for beginners, doesn't require much care, drought tolerant once established.

No pests, minimum care, impressive floral displays. This plant is attractive to bees, butterflies.

1391 Pyrostegia venusta - Flame Vine

With its brilliant orange flowers, the Pyrostegia venusta is ideal for growing over a pergola or a sturdy fence. As well as the brilliant floral display, the plant also has interesting foliage, with a twisting climbing tendril - the plants climbing mechanism. It is one of the most spectacular flowering vines in cultivation. Popular with hummingbirds.

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4135 Bignonia Capreolata - Crossvine

Fast-growing vine with unique leaves - two leaflets per leaf; the rachis ends with a tendril. The common name comes from the cross shape seen when you make a cross-section of a stem, makes an outstanding screen. Will scramble up a trellis or any other support quickly and easily. It is hardy and pest free. The deep red buds in spring open to reveal a cheery yellow inside. Unscented tubular flowers appear in late April. Prune as desired.
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