TopTropicals Newsletter / November 15, 2010

New arrivals of fragrant and flowering plants
- A few tips for winter-coming indoor gardening -

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1035 Brunfelsia americana - Lady of the night
Large white flowers are very fragrant after dark. Shade tolerant plant, can be grown in container and indoors.

1053 Clerodendrum minahasse - Fountain Clerodendrum
Rare and hard to propagate plant. Very fragrant.

1156 Magnolia (Michelia) champaca Yellow - Joy Perfume Tree
Only a few plants!
Joy Perfume Tree with orange/yellow flowers, used to make the world's most expensive perfume 'Joy'. More cold tolerant than var. Alba.
This is one of the best perfume trees for your landscape.


As the weather gets cooler, many of you move your potted tropical plants indoors.


- Lower air humidity, lower light and short day may cause some LEAF DROP. This is normal for seasonal environment change.

- REDICE WATERING as winter coming. Under lower light and in cooler temperature, plants won't need much water; some plants go dormant and only need minimum water. Excess water may damage roots and kill a plant in winter.

- NO FERTILIZER in winter. Active growth stops. Let the plant to go into dormancy or simply have a rest.

- Watch for INSECTS by inspecting leaves regularly. They may attack plants more likely in the indoor conditions.


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3890 Cassia nodosa hybrid - Pink Shower, Appleblossom - grafted
only a few plants!
Spectacular medium size fast growing tree with a fine spreading crown. Masses of bubbly fragrant pink appleblossom flowers (over 2 inches across) appear in spring-summer held in cascading clusters along downy branches. Lovely, tropical, rich green, pinnate foliage.

1377 Megaskepasma erythrochlamys - Brazilian plume
This small to medium size shrub has large leathery leaves and spike of crimson to mauve flowers. It is amazingly hardy for such tropical looking plant and can survive light freeze without damage.

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