TopTropicals Newsletter / November 1, 2010

New arrivals of rare plants & seeds

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2169 Juanulloa aurantiaca - Gold Finger plant
Gold Finger plant - unusual looking vine or shrub with yellow-orange fleshy flowers, everblooming and a fast growing. Very rare, collectible plant.

2569 Ochna integerrima - Vietnamese
Mickey Mouse plant

Vietnamese Mickey Mouse plant. Large oval leaves. Traditional Vietnamese New Year plant with yellow flowers and black fruit surrounded by red bracts resembling Micky Mouse face.

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1053 Clerodendrum minahasse - Fountain Clerodendrum
Fountain Clerodendrum - rare and hard to propagate plant. Fragrant flowers from spring to fall cover the dense beautiful shrub. Very fragrant.

4063 Nashia inaguensis - Moujean Tea
Moujean Tea, Bahamas Berry, Pineapple Verbena. Evergreen shrub, native to the island of Inagua in the Bahamas. It is often used as a bonsai plant due to its miniaturized features. A decoction of the fragrant leaves, having the scent and flavor of citrus, vanilla, pineapple, is used as an herbal tea.

NEW MANGO (3 gal pots):

3232 Baileys Marvel
3127 Cogshall
3114 Keitt
3132 Kent
3116 Okrung
4225 St Maui

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2317 Clitoria ternatea blue double - seeds
Perfect vine! Blooms year-round, fast growing, easy, not invasive, controllable, not messy, curious bright blue flower - clitoris-like flower shape, hence name of the plant.

2785 Cryptostegia grandiflora - seeds
Rubber vine, Purple Allamanda. Has large (2" across), showy, lilac flowers.

2229 Datura metel White - seeds
Very easy to germinate, fast growing. Nice compact plant with fragrant lowers, can be grown indoors.


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