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Black/purple skinned

4275 Brazos Belle, 1 gal pot

4276 Brazos Belle, 3 gal pot

Brazos Belle produces medium-large, purple-black long fruit. Season: October-November.

4280 Joey, 1 gal pot

4281 Joey, 3 gal pot

Joey was selected by Joey Ricers in Uvalde, Texas. Produces medium size, egg shaped purple-black fruit. It has excellent flavor. Heavy bearer. Season: September-October.

Actual plant for sale, 3 gal pot

These varieties of avodados survived temperatures around 10F near San Antonio, Texas (Zone 8b). They can take temperatures down to 15F for short period of time without significant damage.

Cold hardy avocados are of Mexican origin. They are self fertile. They have thin, tender skin that clings to the flesh. The flesh has a high oil content, up to 30%. Some varieties have leaves with pronounced anise-like scent.

Important things to consider
when growig avocado in areas with cold winter

1. Small plants are very tender and susceptible to cold weather. When a freeze is expected, mound mulch around the trunk for additional protection of the rootstock (which is not as hardy). Cover the tree with a blanket. During severe freezes, add a string of lights or a small heater under the covers. Mature trees are more cold resistant and do not need this extra protection.

2. Cold tolerance depends on many factors. Plant location and wind protection are very important. Plant a tree, so it'll be protected from cold wind, which is much more dangerous than cold itself. Usually the south or southeast side of the house is the warmest spot.

3. Healthy, well taken care of, plants are more cold tolerant.

4. Avocado needs very little water during cold. It's very sensitive to over-watering. The good drainage is the most important factor to consider when planting an avocado tree. In areas with poor drainage, create a mound of soil and plant the tree on the mound.

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Green skinned

4277 Fantastic, 3 gal pot

Fantastic is supposedly the most most cold hardy of all avocados. Produces green, paper thin skin. The fruit has a creamy texture.

4279 Lila, 1 gal pot

4278 Lila, 3 gal pot

Lila produces medium size, green fruit. Season: September-October. Don't confuse this variety with Lula, which is popular in Florida and used for rootstock (that one is cold hardy to only 25F).

4283 Mexicola Grande, 1 gal pot

4282 Mexicola Grande, 3 gal

This variety is similar to Mexicola but much larger fruit.

Actual plant for sale, 1 gal pot

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