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2547 Emblica officinalis (Phyllanthus emblica) - Amla
Amla is known as amritphala in Sanskrit, which literally means the fruit of heaven or nectar fruit. It is so called because it is rich in many desirable properties, including medicinal. Amla fruit paste is a major ingredient of Chavyanprash, a popular Ayurvedic tonic. It is the richest source of vitamin C. The fruit tastes bitter, but if you drink water after eating it, the water tastes sweet.

2367 Morinda citrifolia - Noni
- a world-famous medicinal fruit. Large leaves, very tropical look, quick to fruit. This is a perfect tree for container and indoors. Will fruit indoors year round, has large beautiful ornamental leaves. Tolerates shade.

2258 Moringa oleifera - Horseradish tree
one of the most useful trees in the world, it produces long green pods that have been compared to a cross between peanuts and asparagus. The roots are used as a substitute for horseradish and the edible leaves make a highly nutritious vegetable. The roots have also been used in many folk remedies.

1149 Malpighia glabra - Barbados-Cherry, Acerola
The best source of vitamin C. Fast growing, fruits easily. Densely branched shrub with deep shiny green leaves. Tolerates alkaline soil. Has the highest vitamin C content of any fruit. Used in jellies, jams, freezes without losing its vitamin C content. The plant is drought tolerant and easy to grow.
3 gal pot
1 gal pot

2764 Psychotria viridis
Chacruna, Amiruca Panga. The plant has wide ethnomedical use and is a rarity, much needed product.

2380 Passiflora edulis Possum Purple
Purple Passion Fruit, Maracuya - delicious fruit, flavor is appealing, musky, guava-like, acid. Great for drinks.



1044 Casimiroa edulis -
Grafted Suebelle white sapote

Suebelle (Sue Bell, Hubbell) produces medium size round fruit, 3-6 oz, with yellowish-green skin. Excellent sweet (sugar content is 22%) flesh is custard-like. Few small seeds. Fruit ripens in Florida in Fall-Spring. In tropical conditions it can produce fruits almost year around.

3904 Casimiroa tetrameria -
White sapote Dwarf Wooly
(Agua Viva)

Dwarf White Sapote relative with velvet leaves, fuzzy textured. Agua Viva - Water of Life. Native to Costa Rica and Southern Mexico. Grows into a small compact tree. Rare, collectible fruit tree. Sweet delicious fruit, relatively hardy plant (upper 20's F).

4240 Florida Giant Mulberry
produces long narrow fruit, about 2" long, light purple in color. Flesh is sweet with just right balance of sweet and sour. Vigorous tree, often grows 6-10 ft per year. Large heart shaped leaves make tree very attractive. Despite the name, it's reportedly hardy to zone 6

4239 White Mulberry
Produces medium-sized, OFF-white fruit. Very sweet flavor, with no tartness. Tree is medium sized and very productive. Fruit doesn't stain and has excellent qualities when dried.

3583 Pakistani Giant Mulberry
makes 2-3" long fruit! A beautiful ornamental bearing sweet, juicy fruit. Tastes like extra-sweet blackberries. Disease and drought resistant. Beginning the very first year, you can enjoy its fruit all spring.

4238 Psidium littorale - Yellow Cattley guava
Yellow cattley guava - similar to cattley guava, but produces yellow fruits, which are sweeter than red fruits. Fast growing, fruits easily in container, cold hardy, tolerates alkaline and poor soils.

1394 Ochna serrulata -
Mickey Mouse Plant

Beautiful fragrant yellow flowers in spring and very attractive fruits, shiny black and berry-like, suspended below bright-red sepals in a way that resembles the face of Mickey Mouse, hence the common name.

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3951 Dalechampia dioscoreifolia - Winged Beauty
This is one which seems to enchant anyone who sees it. The most dramatic feature is the flowering shoots. Outstanding sized bracts with an eye-catching show of color characterize this vigorous growing vine.

2762 Euphorbia leucocephala - Snows of Kilimanjaro
Rare unusual srub with tiny small leaves (decorative white bracts), white on top, reminding popular Poincettia. Very fragrant. When it is in bloom, the air around is filled with a sweet pleasant smell.

4241 Jatropha integerrima
Pink Peregrina

rare variety with baby pink flowers. A spectacular shrub in bloom most of the year. Makes a good potted plant but can also be used in a small garden and as border plant.

1305 Petrea volubilis -
Queens wreath

A twining vine with rough green leaves and spectacular tall clusters of purple flowers. The flowers come in raceme reaching over 1 foot long, the flowers lasts a couple of days but the blue calices remain much longer.

4242 Polyalthia longifolia - Mast Tree
Telegraph Pole Tree, Ashoka, Mast Tree. Curious tree due to its growth habit: upright, columnar, vertical; dense branches drooping vertically. Suitable for combating the noise pollution.

1189 Senecio confusus
Mexican flame vine. Fast-growing vine with beautiful bright orange flowers year round. Great for covering fences, etc. Good for beginners, doesn't require much care, drought tolerant once established.

2073 Stictocardia beraviensis
Hawaiian Sunset Bell. The stunning flower has splendid rich tones that are a marvel to see! Fast growing, takes from fun sun to deep shade, beautiful tri-color sunset-bright scented flowers, large tropical-looking velvet leaves.

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