TopTropicals Newsletter / July 30, 2010

Rare varieties of FRUIT TREES - limited quantities
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1083 var. Kohala
The crisp skin is easy to remove and the white sweet flesh has a texture and sweetness reminiscent of litchi.

3689 var. Biew Kiew
- from Thailand, late fruiting.


3918 var. Golden
Local Florida variety originated in Wauchula, which is very cold place, comparing to South Florida. This variety survived winters of 2009 and 2010 in Wauchula, when temperature dropped to low 20s F, without any significant damages. Very unusual medium size fruit - round yellow and smooth skin; creamy-yellow flesh.

3916 var. Nishikawa
- originated in Hawaii. It's a mix of Guatemalan and Mexican avocado type. Average cold hardiness. Ripen in December-January (in Florida. Oval fruit is somewhat resemble Hass variety of avocado, but larger. Has very high oil content. Vigorous and upright growing tree.

3917 var. Yamagata
Yamagata variety is very early. It ripens in Florida in March-April when no other varieties produce fruit. Fruit is large, pear-shaped, with a small seed and green skin. It's a very fine, gourmet Hawaiian avocado named for agriculture specialist Heiji Yamagata, who develeoped it. Very vigorous and upright growing tree.

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2408 var. "Sweetheart"
The best variety with large juicy fruit and small seed. Under the brittle crimson skin, the flesh is pearly white, sweet and jelly-like, though firm.

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