TopTropicals Newsletter / July 26, 2010

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6"-flower fragrant beauty

3335 Calonyction aculeatum - Giant Moonflower

Gorgeous, herbaceous climber related to the Morning Glory. Blooms in the evening, covered with lovely heart-shape leaves and very large white, fragrant flowers that resemble trumpets, up to 6 inches across. Drought tolerant plant once estanblished.

The most wanted spice plant

2393 Syzygium aromaticum - Clove

All parts of the tree are highly aromatic. It was an important commodity in the spice trade. It is still much used in perfumes, mulled wines, love potions, dental products. Dried flower buds are used as a spice, and medicinally for countless things. Clove was much used by the Greeks, Roman and the Chinese for its medicinal value.

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Compact cute collectable

3223 Clusia orthoneura - Porcelain Flower

Very rare, slow growing compact shrub with waxy and thick narrow leaves and gorgeous pink flowers with mauve throats that look almost artificial. The flower stays on the plant for a few days. The shrub has naturally round shape and produces thick air-roots at the base of the stem. Blooms from late winter through spring and summer. Cold hardy to zone 9b. Perfect container plant or can be gown as a specimen in a small garden.

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