TopTropicals Newsletter / June 12, 2010

Ready for Father's Day? Surprise your dad with exotic plant!
Father's Day June 20

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Jackfruit grafted varieties

4201 Golden Pillow
one of the best Thai cultivars. The tree is small. The golden color flesh is thick and crunchy
4202 Thai Globe
Vigorous tree; heavy producer. Fruits are very large, 35-45lb, round shape.


3501 Dwarf Namwah
4204 Hua Moa
4205 Ice Cream
4206 Manzano

Grafted persimmon varieties

3736 Fuyu
Most popular non-astringent variety in US and Japan.
4100 Saijo
Astringent. Sweet excellent flavor, ranked among the best by gourmets.

Superior cold hardy varieties of Avocado

1170 Day
3530 Florida Hass
4197 Lula
4112 Mexican

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Dwarf Tree Jasmine on sale!

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2103 Radermachera Kunming

A very rare small Thai tree with extremely fragrant flowers. The scent resembles roses, juicy fruit, candies, fine cologne all together and can be smelled from many yards away. Leaves are very ornamental and have a fountain-like architecture. In Thailand, the tree symbolizes simplicity, endurance, advancement, and peacefulness. Extract from these flowers is used in village pharmacy as relaxant and aphrodisiac.

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4200 Clerodendrum schmitii
This elegant plant is a rare species in plant collections. The white fragrant flowers are held in loose pendulous panicles, similar to Bridal Veil

3261 Gardenia posoqueria (nitida)
Rare gardenia from Africa with star-like tubular flowers. Blooms sporadically year round. Covered with flowers when in bloom. Strong fragrance, unusually shaped leaves.

4198 Euphorbia geroldii
Thornless Euphorbia. This semi-succulent shrub blooms all summer with bright red flowers in pairs with yellow centers. With wider leaves than Euphorbia millii and no spine, it prefers semi-shade and likes more moisture than other similar Euphorbias. Collectible item. Low growing specimen. Can be used for bonsai.

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