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3149 Averrhoa bilimbi
Bilimbi, Cucumber tree

3649 Azadirachta indica
Neem tree

4133 Elaeocarpus ganitrus
Rudraksh, Rudraksa. The seed of Rudraksh tree has been given a very special place and it is credited with mystical and divine properties. It is said that the plant of Rudraksh is originated from the tear drops of Lord Shiva.

4141 Emblica officinalis
Amla (Phyllanthus emblica). Fruit paste is a major ingredient of Chavyanprash, a popular Ayurvedic tonic. Amla is known as amritphala in Sanskrit, which literally means the fruit of heaven or nectar fruit. It is so called because it is rich in many desirable properties.

3606 Moringa oleifera
Horseradish tree
A highly nutritious vegetable used in many folk remedies.

3376 Sesbania grandiflora
Hummingbird tree
The tender leaves, green fruit, and flowers are eaten alone as a vegetable or mixed into curries or salads.


4125 Centaurea cyanus
Cornflower. In the past it often grew as a weed in crop fields, but now endangered in its native habitat. In folklore, cornflowers were worn by young men in love.

4123 Cleome hasslerana
Spider Flower

3655 Echinacea purpurea
Purple Coneflower

4115 Calendula officinalis
Scotch Marigold. This plant was used in ancient Greek, Roman, Arabic and Indian cultures as a medicinal herb. Edible, widely used by cosmetics.

4124 Leucanthemum vulgare
Field Daisy, Ox Eye, Love-Me-Love-Me-Not. One of the most popular wild flowers, widely naturalized Eurasian plant. One of the first wild perennials to bloom in any meadow.

4119 Tropaeolum nanum
Dwarf form of Garden Nasturtium - compact growth habit. Nasturtiums are a gardener's dream. This garden favorite will spread like wildfire, produce decorative foliage, have an ocean of brightly-colored blossoms. The plants are virtually carefree once established. Enjoy them all summer long!



3340 Arbutus unedo
Strawberry Tree

3666 Diospyros lotus
Qua thi, Date Plum

3647 Dovyalis hebecarpa
Tropical Apricot

3600 Parmentiera edulis

3956 Feijoa sellowiana
Pineapple Guava

2982 Cinnamomum camphora
Camphor Tree

3953 Cinnamomum cassia (aromaticum)

3964 Pimenta dioica


2291 Passiflora edulis

4139 Passiflora ligularis
Sweet Granadilla

3961 Pass. quadrangularis
Giant granadilla


3339 Acacia baileyana
is used in Europe in the cut flower industry as "Mimosa".

3100 Antigonon leptopus
Coral vine, Chinese love vine

2858 Beaumontia grandiflora
Easter Lily Vine

3668 Bombax malabaricum
Kapok tree

3620 Brachychiton acerifolium
Flame tree

3945 Brachychiton discolor
Pink Flame Tree

4142 Caesalpinia gillesii
Yellow Bird of Paradise

4143 Calliandra eriophylla
Fairyduster, Mesquitilla, Mock mesquite. A hardy calliandra.

3090 Callistemon citrinus
Weeping red Bottlebrush

2834 Cassia fistula
Golden shower tree

2512 Cassia grandis
The "coral shower tree"

3375 Ceiba pentandra
Kapok Tree

3374 Chorisia speciosa
Pink Silk Floss Tree

3648 Cyrtostachys lakka
Red Lipstick / Sealing Wax

3661 Gmelina asiatica (philippensis)
Parrot's Beak

4122 Ipomoea purpurea
Sky Blue
Morning Glory

4140 Paulownia imperialis
Princess Tree
the tree of the future, mainly because of its unique growth rate.


3644 Annona muricata
Soursop, Guanabana

3643 Annona purpurea Soncoya, Ilama

3645 Annona reticulata
Red Custard-Apple

2634 Annona squamosa
Sugar apple

3641 Rollinia deliciosa


3663 Calonyction aculeatum (Ipomoea alba)
Giant moonflower. Gorgeous, fragrant flowers

2212 Cananga odorata
Ylang Ylang

2382 Cassia didymobotrya
Popcorn Cassia

4145 Euphorbia leucocephala
Shrub with decorative white bracts. Unlike many other euphorbias, this plant is very fragrant. When it is in bloom, the air around is filled with a sweet pleasant smell. It is a close relative of the well-known and equally eyecatching, Poinsettia.

3665 Fagraea berteriana
Pua Keni Keni

2831 Magnolia (Michelia) champaca
Joy Perfume tree - Orange flower.

3657 Magnolia soulangeana


Beautiful flowers open around 4 o'clock in the afternoon - hence its common name, four o'clocks sweet fragrance. Can take hard freeze, comes back from roots (tuber) in Spring.

4116 Mirabilis jalapa Red
4120 Mirabilis jalapa White
4121 Mirabilis jalapa Yellow


3474 Brugmansia Pink Velvet
2113 Datura Metel (Lavender)
2863 Datura Queen double
3481 Datura stramonium


2694 Erythrina abyssinica
3660 Erythrina amazonica
2521 Erythrina indica picta
2693 Erythrina smithiana


3943 Ficus auriculata
Elephant ear fig tree
3091 Ficus bengalensis
Banyan Tree
3941 Ficus religiosa
Sacred Ficus.

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