TopTropicals Newsletter / April 3, 2010

Spectacular Flowering Vines!.. and more...
limited quanities

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1275 Allamanda Cherry Jubilee
Showy cherry color slightly fragrant flowers. Large plant, blooming size.

1057 Clerodendrum speciosum
Red Bleeding heart - a fast growing showy vine with bright pink-and-red flowers. Good for creating a privacy hedge or as over the fence cascade of flowers. Needs strong support, or a large trellis.


1123 Jasminum officinale - 3 gal
French Perfume Jasmine, Poets jasmine - very fragrant! Essential oil of this jasmine is one of the most important components in perfumery. The species is hardy.
See picture of the actual plants forr sale.

1222 Mansoa alliacea
Garlic Vine - real garlic scent of leaves, showy flowers. Very undemanding plant, easy to grow.

2049 Adenium obesum - Grafted Desert Rose
Graft desert Rose - mixed colors - red, pink, striped. With large caudex, blooming size.
See picture of the actual plants for sale.

2233 Calotropis gigantea
Giant milkweed, Giant Calotrope - Lilac colored flowers can be seen all through the year, great butterfly attractor. A tough and hardy plant, drought tolerant, good for hot sites.
See picture of the actual plants for sale.

1334 Antigonon leptopus
Mexican Coral Vine, Coral Creeper - fast-growing delicate vine with bright pink flowers. Cold hardy!

1391 Pyrostegia venusta

Flame vine, brilliant orange flowers. Cold hardy. Spectacular fast growing climber.  

4135 Bignonia Capreolata - Crossvine
Fast-growing cross-vine with deep red buds in spring, which open to reveal a cheery yellow inside. Tubular flowers appear in late spring. Very cold hardy, easy to grow.
See picture of the actual plants for sale.

1276 Quisqualis - Thai Double Flower
Rangoon Creeper - double flower variety. Very fragrant.

4138 Pandanus tectorius - Screw Pine
Palm-like bush or tree. Green leaves are spirally arranged. Great specimen plant. Pandanus is a very adaptable plant, though it prefers hot, dry conditions. It is relatively cold hardy, and drought tolerant. Very exotic look!
See picture of the actual plants for sale.

4134 Allamanda violacea Chocolate
Showy chocolate color slightly fragrant flowers. Large plant, blooming size.

4136 Clerodendrum splendens
Flaming glorybower, Orange Bleeding heart - rare variety, Bright red flowers. Fast growing vigorous vine, very showy over the fence on on pagoda.
See picture of the actual plants for sale.

1195 Stephanotis floribunda
Bridal Bouquet. Woody wine with waxy dark green leaves and beautiful clusters of white fragrant flowers. Hawaiian favorite, used in wedding ceremonies for leis.
See picture of the actual plants for sale.

1305 Petrea volubilis
Queens wreath, sandpaper vine. Fast-growing. Spectacular bloom!

4137 Callistemon "Little John"
Dwarf bottlerbush, good for container growing. Small shrub with bright red flowers.
See picture of the actual plants for sale.

1093 Gardenia Vietnamensis - grafted
Easy to grow to compare with other gardenias, not so sensitive to overwatering and the most cold hardy of all tropical gardenias. Flowers are very beautiful unusual shape, extremely fragrant. Perfect for container, very bushy. Can be also planted in the ground.
See picture of the actual plants for sale.

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