Eugene Zagnitko, MS


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 20 years of solid experience in professional and hobby tropical aquarium field

  • Designed and successfully implemented methods of long-lasting freshwater aquarium system keeping without degradation. Different approaches were used to maintain key parameters of system stability, using the proper levels of decomposed organic substances concentration, such as: optimal balance between producers and consumers (fishes, plants, bacteria) of organic and inorganic compounds; a specific assortment of plants which consume nutrition from water column and from substrate; and optimal temperature and lighting conditions. This system has been optimally functioning for more than 3 years.
  • Successfully developed methods of aquarium keeping with minimal maintenance using automatic gravel cleaning and water filtering system. Such aquariums require no more than 30 minutes per week of maintenance time.
  • Designed and implemented the original substrate-drainage system. The system allows for the removal of organic debris from the multi-layer substrates with no those substrates disturbance, providing stability of water and substrate hydrochemical parameters.
  • Designed and implemented a virtually effortless system of automatic water changing.
  • Successfully developed methods of keeping fish tanks free of Compsopogon and Audouinella algae (“black-beard” algae) by means of restriction of nitrogen. In contrast to widely used Sears-Conlin method, where phosphates are restricted, this method provides starving algae in phosphate-containing tap-water.
  • Developed iron-containing fertilizers based on readily available substances, such as using citric acid as a chelating agent and ascorbic acid as a reducer. These fertilizers are less expensive than commercially-available ones and keep iron strictly in bivalent form.
  • Mastered methods of cultivating various different aquarium plants, in particular rosette plants (genus anubias, echinodorus, cryptocorine). Determined conditions which provide the ideal plant for function as well as aesthetic qualities: optimal temperature and lighting, water column height, concentration of carbon dioxide, micro- and macronutrients, iron (II). Successfully created and used a ferriferous fertilizer formula.
  • Developed methods for the adaptation of difficult to cultivate anubiases (plants which are too large for tank cultivation, such as hastifolia, gigantea, heterophylla) to aquarium conditions by means of grafting on rhizome of small species (nana) and by selecting proper carbon dioxide concentration for gilletii, gracilis, gabon, which are extremely difficult to grow when submersed.
  • Mastered a technique of propagating rarely flowering echinodoruses (barthii, portoalegrensis, horemanii, and others) by dividing a rhizome.
  • Determined conditions for maintaining and promoting the complex spawning activity of various different fish, characines in particular. Preparing of parents (keeping them separate and special feeding), temporary changing of chemical parameters (pH, GH, KH, conductivity) and temperature.
  • Mastered a consistent breeding of Impaichtis kerri (one of the first successful experiments in Russia), Hemigrammus rhodostomus and H. bleheru (a difficult fishes in rearing, demanding selection and special preparation of parents, having complexities in the growth of young fish), Akanthophtalmus kuhli (the practice of hormonal injections is the normal method of spawning stimulation, however, recent natural methods of breeding have been found by significantly refreshing the water and changing its turbidity).
  • Mastered up-to-date methods of aquarium decoration. Won the first prize at the international contest of 2001 on a site (


1999 - 2002. Masan Corp., (Moscow, Russia), Senior aquarist

Responsible for organizing of keeping and breeding fishes, plants propagation, aquarium decoration.

1995 - 1999. Platon Co, (Moscow, Russia), aquarist

 Responsible for keeping fishes and water plants.

1980 - 1995. Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry (Moscow, Russia), Research Assistant

  • Researched equilibrium water-salt systems. Built phase diagrams of rear-earth metal halides – water systems at wide range of parameters.
  • Designed and constructed a special device for investigation of water-salt systems at temperatures up to 400oC and pressure up to 1000 bar.
  • Designed and constructed apparatus for extraction of biologically active substances from natural raw material by liquid and supercritical carbon dioxide. Extracted pepper, cloves, ginger, hops, etc. for the food-processing industry.  


1975–1980. Moscow State University, Chemical-Biological department. MS

n      6 publications on aquarian subjects

n     U.S. Green Card holder and authorized to work in the US

List of publications

  1. Anubias plants for beginners and hobbyists, 2002,  

in Russian

  1. Anubias coffeefolia in Moscow, Vestnik Kluba Russky Akvarium, #8, 2002 (
  2. Substrate: Importance of cleanliness. Some ways of its maintenance, 2001
  3. Experience of "beard" extirpation at conditions of phosphates surplus, 2001
  4. Iron in an aquarium and something for a feeding of plants, 2001 
  5. Creating of automatic water change system in an aquarium, 2000