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Adenium Yellow Variegated, Grafted

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What is grafted plant

Q: What is a grafted plant?

Grafting is a method of vegetative (or asexual) propagation where a piece of one plant (scion) selected for its flowers or fruit and containing the desired genes to be duplicated is inserted into a piece of another plant (rootstock), with a strong vigorous root system, usually a seedling.

Benefits of the graft:

  • making a clone of the parent plant ensures the same cultivar, since most fruit trees will not come true to seed
  • taking a scion from a mature plant reduces time to flowering and fruiting (from 10-12 years for a seedling to 2-3 years or less for a grafted plant)
  • introducing dwarfing, hardiness, disease and pest resistance.
  • easier propagation method when other means like cutting or seed is not successful

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CaudexCan be used for bonsaiSmall shrub 2-5 ftFull sunSemi-shadeModerate waterYellow/orange flowers

Double flower, light yellow with pink splash, and variegated leaves. Yellow adeniums are very valuable because many of them have light fragrance.
See picture of caudex.
Adenium Plant Food - Flower and Caudex Booster
SUNSHINE-BC - Caudex booster
Adenium Soilless Mix
Succulent Care. Plant it in well-drained soil mix, water once and keep in warm (75-80F) place in filtered light. Do not water again until soil dries on surface.
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Grown in 6"/1 gal pot, grafted, shipped barerooted

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TopTropicals Adenium Soilless Mix, 3 gal bag

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This mix is specially formulated for growing Adeniums (Desert Roses). Based on our 15-years experience of growing these unique plants, we created a mix that adeniums love and thrive in! We use this mix for all our desert roses. Unlike common "cactus mix" used for most succulents, Adenium Mix is very light, super porous and provides ideal conditions for growing caudex plants even in rainy climates. Well-balanced ingredients provide perfect drainage, and prevent root system from rotting, which is the most common problem with Desert roses and other caudex plants.
This mix main ingredients include: perlite, coconut coir, pine bark. No peat moss that makes it wet! Adenium mix special features:
- superior drainage characteristics, prevents caudex from rotting
- light weight, easy both on roots and on your back when you carry pots
- encourages caudex forming thanks to maintaining uniform, balanced level of moisture in the soil
- induces blooming by providing favorable conditions for desert roses "on dry side"
- doesn't rot and keeps soilles mix structure for several years without breaking down
See Info sheet about other growing media (2 pages).
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Number of items: 177  
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