Aphelandra scabra (panamensis) - Pink Candy

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Large shrub 5-10 ftSmall shrub 2-5 ftFull sunShadeSemi-shadeRegular waterPink flowersRed/crimson/vinous flowersAttracts butterflies, hummingbirdsSubtropical, cold hardy at least to 30s F for a short time

Aphelandra scabra (panamensis). This is a new introduction, quite unique flowering plant from S America. Like all aphelandras, it has showy flowers that are loved by hummingbirds. The flowers of this variety are bright pink, up to 2 inch long, and tubular. They are 2-lipped, fuzzy and they bloom for one day before wilting. The A. scabra inflorescence is candle-like and the prepubescent flower spikes can grow up to 6 inch in height. The inflorescence has overlapping green bracts that are tinged with yellow and orange and they have extrafloral nectaries. Each day only one or two flowers open along the inflorescence to prevent self-pollination.
It is a great addition to a collectible tropical butterfly garden. Can grow into 4-5" tall bushy specimen. Blooms sporadically during warm season. Tolerates both full sun or filtered light.
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