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Mangifera indica - Rapoza, Grafted

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What is grafted plant

Q: What is a grafted plant?

Grafting is a method of vegetative (or asexual) propagation where a piece of one plant (scion) selected for its flowers or fruit and containing the desired genes to be duplicated is inserted into a piece of another plant (rootstock), with a strong vigorous root system, usually a seedling.

Benefits of the graft:

  • making a clone of the parent plant ensures the same cultivar, since most fruit trees will not come true to seed
  • taking a scion from a mature plant reduces time to flowering and fruiting (from 10-12 years for a seedling to 2-3 years or less for a grafted plant)
  • introducing dwarfing, hardiness, disease and pest resistance.
  • easier propagation method when other means like cutting or seed is not successful

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Big tree > 20 ftFull sunModerate waterEdibleSubtropical, cold hardy at least to 30s F for a short timeSeaside, salt tolerant plant

A Condo variety from Hawaii, fungus resistant and tolerant to high air humidity. It was selected by University of Hawaii in 1970s and was a seedling of Irwin. It was named after Herbert Rapoza, a horticultural technician at Poamoho Research Station, Uni. of Hawaii.
This mango has a very compact growth habit. Excellent for containers! It is a heavy producing small tree with excellent fruit quality. The ripe skin is yellow with a red or purple blush. The fruit is the oblong shape of 28 oz, the flesh is tangerine orange and firm with a rich sweetness of Indian spice and just a hint of citrus. The season was late in comparison with other varieties and the fruit had exceptional storage and long distance transport characteristics. The fruit matures over a long period, mid-July to October. It has good flavor, excellent disease resistance, and good appearance. The tree growth is vigorous but manageable and responded well to annual pruning with consistent, heavy yields and excellent disease tolerance. The Rapoza mango is one of the favorite choices for the small mango industry in Hawaii, because of the red color and generous size of the fruit. It was selected for Hawaii because when it would flower in Spring and lose its flowers to anthracnose, it would re-flower in the drier summer and produce excellent fruit in Aug.-Sep.
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Grown in 10"/3 gal pot

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