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Ananas comosus - edible Pineapple Sugar Loaf

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Small shrub 2-5 ftFull sunSemi-shadeModerate waterOrnamental foliageEdibleThorny or spinySubtropical, cold hardy at least to 30s F for a short time

Sugar Loaf is low acid pineapple originated from West Africa and has a mildly sweet flavor and an edible core. The variety is much thinner, taller and heavier in weight for its size than a regular golden pineapple; it has a dark green skin even when ripe and a creamy white interior fruit. Planted outside in tropical zones or as a patio/indoor plant in the north, Sugarloaf is a leading worldwide commercial variety. Self fruitful. Large pointed top, smooth leaf with serratted edge. Sugarloaf can can reach 10 pounds! White flesh. Even the core is edible. Also called Kona Sugarloaf. Excellent flavor, pretty plant and fruit.
SUNSHINE Ananas - Pineapple and Bromeliad Booster
SUNSHINE-Honey - sugar booster
SUNSHINE-Superfood - micro-element booster
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Grown in 6"/1 gal pot

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SUNSHINE Ananas - Pineapple and Bromeliad Booster, fertilizer

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SUNSHINE Pineapple and Bromeliad liquid fertilizer (NPK 2-1-3). Formulated especially for bromeliads. This well-balanced delicate formula is all you need for vigorous and healthy Bromeliad plants and better pineapple fruit crop. For best results, use in combination with Sunshine Honey and Sunshine Superfood plant supplements.
Scientifically-balanced stable formula is organic Amino-acid based and has NO EDTA chelators to eliminate nutrients lockup; it does not affect crop taste. Organic Amino acids greatly enhance stability of all Sunshine boosters and provide excellent absorption of trace elements. Pollinating insects friendly.
DIRECTIONS: Mix 10 ml with 1 gal of water. Can be used with every watering, year around. Compatible with other Sunshine Boosters. Do not mix with other concentrated fertilizers.
Element Content: N, P2O5, K2O, Ca, Mg, S, Fe, Mn, Mg, B, Zn, Cu, Mo, Co. Fertilizer license # F002866.
For more information on Sunshine Boosters, visit SunshineBoosters page and download Sunshine Combo Boosters guide (2 pages).
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