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Mangifera indica - Haden Mango, Large size, Grafted

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What is grafted plant

Q: What is a grafted plant?

Grafting is a method of vegetative (or asexual) propagation where a piece of one plant (scion) selected for its flowers or fruit and containing the desired genes to be duplicated is inserted into a piece of another plant (rootstock), with a strong vigorous root system, usually a seedling.

Benefits of the graft:

  • making a clone of the parent plant ensures the same cultivar, since most fruit trees will not come true to seed
  • taking a scion from a mature plant reduces time to flowering and fruiting (from 10-12 years for a seedling to 2-3 years or less for a grafted plant)
  • introducing dwarfing, hardiness, disease and pest resistance.
  • easier propagation method when other means like cutting or seed is not successful

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Big tree > 20 ftFull sunModerate waterEdibleSubtropical, cold hardy at least to 30s F for a short timeSeaside, salt tolerant plant

This variety is well-known because it originated in Florida and has been grown here since 1910. It has a good flavor, however, it is slightly fibrous and is succeptable to fungus. If you insist on "old haden" variety, this is it. The flesh has a full sweet flavor, and it is of good eating quality. The fruit is eye catching having a deep yellow base with a crimson blush. The tree is a vigorous large grower with an open rounded canopy. Relatively cold hardy variety. See more info about Mango varieties.
7 gal pot. This plant is grown in 7 gal pot, more mature than our standard size plants in 3 gal, has a more developed root system, and most of the time thicker trunk and more branches. However actual plant size may vary depending on the growing season and on variety. Dwarf varieties are slow growers and may be shorter trees than upright varieties. See a picture showing the relative size of plants grown in 3 gal and 7 gal.
You may contact us if tree height matters to you and we will provide you with more exact plant size we have in stock at the time. 7 gal plants may be shipped separately from other items by Ground service due to its large size. See here time in transit (business days, excluding Sat-Sun!)
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Grown in 14"/7 gal pot

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