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Date: 7 Apr 2016, Entry id: 1460023505

Care for ultra-tropical plants

Some tropical plants like Durian, Mangosteen, Clove, Nutmeg are very rare in plant collections and require true tropical environment for successful growing. These plants are hard to find and are not cheap. They will be shipped in original containers via Express mail and usually take trip well as long as there are no delays or overheating during transportation. To enjoy your rare plant collection gem, please make sure to follow these recommendations:

- Keep your eye on delivery, track the shipment and make sure package is not left outside in the heat

- Unpack immediately and put plant in humid, warm environment with filtered light. Remember "warm" for tropical plant means 75-85F

- If plant is wilted, put clear plastic bag over leaves to increase humidity for a few days. Keep plant in plastic in shade only to avoid overheating

- Keep soil slightly moist and don't let dry out. These plants like water as well as good drainage

- Keep plant in original container until recovers from shipping stress. Re-pot in 2-3 weeks in bigger pot with rich organic potting mix, containing a lot of peat moss, and perlite or bark for good drainage

- Grow these plants in mild conditions, in filtered light, high humidity, and with no temperature extremes. Remember to keep these plants at temperatures above 50F.