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Tabernaemontana divaricata Flore Pleno, Hollarhena densiflora, Tabernaemontana coronaria, Crape Jasmine, Carnation of India, East Indian Rosebay, Adam's Apple, Nero's Crown, Coffee Rose, Crepe Gardenia

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Houston, Texas
USDA Zone:9
26 May 2014
I absolutely love this plant! It's so tropical looking, yet hardy in zone 9 over the winter. It blooms mid summer til December here, then I cut it back before the temps drop.

They love full sun and hot weather and take up a lot of room along my fence. Planting at least 3 ft. Apart is a must. I always have blooms so wait it out to see what happens next year if it isn't flowering. Mine always flower and are pretty much scent free. Enjoy!

Minneapolis, MN, USA
USDA Zone:4
22 Jul 2010
I have lots of glossy leaves, no flowers, all the buds fall off. When I bought the plant it had flowers. What am I doing wrong? Please advise.
USDA Zone:10
9 May 2009
Mine is blooming now. Very light smell .You have to almost stick your nose in flower to smell it most of the times. Intensity of fragrance seems to vary with the time of the day and age of the flower. More fragrant in morning. Older the flower,less the fragrance.
Minnesota, USA
USDA Zone:4
26 Jun 2007
I have successfully overwintered my crape jasmines for about 4 years now indoors. I LOVE this plant! My oldest potted plant is now in a 24" pot and is doing wonderfully! I highly recommend this plant for someone who would like some tropical plants year round since it has been one of the easiest to maintain. It will bloom mid winter if given a light fertilizer and moderately watered. I winter mine in an area were the light is moderate and they do just fine. This is a pretty versatile plant and good for a beginner. In colder climates, just be sure the plant is brought in before night time temps range below 55 degrees at night and dont put out in spring until the temps are higher consistantly than that. I have had easy success with this variety and is easily my favorite plant. And I have many! :-)
Penang, Malaysia
10 Dec 2006
My Tabernaemontana has rather big leaves but 1 inch flowers that occur rarely. No smell whatsoever though. Wonder what mine REALLY is.

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Tabernaemontana Flore Pleno, Crape Jasmine 

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Crape Jasmine, Carnation of India, Florida Gardenia...  more
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