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Tacca chantrieri, Bat Head Lily, Bat Flower, Devil Flower, Black Tacca

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Tacca chantrieri
Family: Dioscoreaceae
Bat Head Lily, Bat Flower, Devil Flower, Black Tacca
Origin: Tropical regions of Southeast Asia and West Africa
Small shrub 2-5 ftShadeRegular waterUnusual colorOrnamental foliageUltra tropical, min. temperature 55F

Curious, bat-like inflorescence both in shape and color, with wide spreading, wing-like bracts of rich maroon-black, accompanied by long trailing filaments or "whiskers". The small black flowers are succeeded by heavy berries, corrugated olive-green leaves with oblique base. These are interesting, evergreen, perennial and herbaceous plants that grow wild in many tropical climates. They can be grown in humid, tropical greenhouses. See page about Tacca.

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W.A Perth
27 Jul 2010
Iam currantly doing an assignment on the Black Bat Flower also known as the Tacca Chantrieri Flower i have some information but would like some more information.

Thank you,

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