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Dichorisandra pendula, Weeping Blue Ginger, Blue Pendant

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Dichorisandra pendula

Weeping Blue Ginger, Blue Pendant
Family: Commelinaceae
Origin: Brazil
Groundcover and low-growing 2ftSmall shrub 2-5 ftShadeSemi-shadeKeep soil moistBlue/lavender/purple flowersOrnamental foliage

Unusual zinger-looking perennial with dark green foliage with arching stems. Heads of dark electric-blue flowers top tall, jointed stems with glossy heavy leaves faintly banded silver and toned purplish-blue beneath. It blooms continually with clusters of sky blue flowers that droop in a pendant fashion from each stem. Rare color for tropics! This plant is well suited for partially shaded landscapes to provide an exotic tropical look and as a patio pot plant.

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Dichorisandra pendula - Weeping Blue Ginger

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Weeping Blue Ginger, Blue Pendant. Unusual zinger-looking...  more

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