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rare plants - fragrant flowers - exotic fruit

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rare plants - fragrant flowers - exotic fruit

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Brunfelsia americana, Lady of the night

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 Brunfelsia americana
Family: Solanaceae
Lady of the night
Origin: Brazil
Large shrub 5-10 ftFull sunSemi-shadeRegular waterWhite/off-white flowersFragrantAttracts butterflies, hummingbirdsPoisonous or toxicSubtropical, cold hardy at least to 30s F for a short time

Fast-growing, has creamy white flowers with long tubes, which are extremely fragrant after dark. In some places it is known as Lady of the Night, though a number of other scented plants have also been given this name. It is a specimen plant. Perfect houseplant for a bright window. All parts of a plant are toxic, especially roots and fruits, to a lesser degree leaves.

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 Brunfelsia americana, Lady of the night

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Brunfelsia americana, Lady of the night

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Brunfelsia americana, Lady of the night

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Brunfelsia americana, Lady of the night

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Brunfelsia americana, Lady of the night

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bradenton fl usa
USDA Zone:9a
27 Apr 2011
i bought a plant and it is now about 18 incles tall but it is only one stem and no signs of another branch coming out from main truck,very disappointed . no help from top tropical
anyone with any ideas would be appreicalted
Kissimmee, FL , USA
USDA Zone:9
28 Dec 2009
I brought my plants as 3 inch bare roots from Puerto Rico. One planted they were slow to grow, but once they got started it was like magic. Brunfelsia spreeds by subterranian runners, we have been digging out new plants for over 5 years. They seem to do better in sunny location and have survived temperatures to 30 degrees with a blanket over the plants. They may drop some leaves but come back stronger once the cold is over.
Carol Liddell
USDA Zone:9-1
18 Oct 2009
Seriously folks, after reading other gardeners sad experiences with Brunfelsia seeds, I felt compelled to tell you what I learnt the hard way; that most tropical seeds should be sown ASAP;you can't let them sit around in the packages as you would more temperate region seed. I have grown Brunfelsia from seed,& my best results were with seeds I harvested from fresh Brunfelsia fruit; I cleaned,& dried the seeds,then planted them(after an overnight soak in a lukewarm kelp/water solution(NOT chlorinated tapwater;try distilled, filtered, spring or wellwater- This is optional,but seems to help).Gibberellic acids supposedly help older seeds sprout,haven't tried it yet.
Steve Habib
St. Petersburg, Florida
USDA Zone:9
7 Dec 2008
I have several night Jasmine in my yard and a neighbor told me my plants were actually the lady of the night species. I felt he was wrong and set out to discover if the two were the same plant with different names. My neighbor was incorrect.

The lady of the night is a different plant than the night jasmine. The commonality is that both bloom at nightfall emitting intoxicating perfume into the night air.The lady of the night in my opinion, has a smell of cloves and cinnamon.Very nice. The plant is Thin and frail and not all that attractive.

But the aroma is worth it's weight in gold. Because I live in Central Florida I am able to grow the lady of the night in my very own backyard. What a deal!!!
Setubal Portugal
USDA Zone:9-1
30 Nov 2008
Last year while visiting in Floria I purchased some brunfelsia americana seeds from you but infortunately not a single one has germinated. Had I read the previous comments I wouldn't have ordered any of these seeds from Top Tropicals.
14 Jun 2008
I should have read the above comment. I also ordered these seeds but not a single one germinated. Only one of the B. nitida seeds germinated. Also not one of the B. gigantea seeds germinated as well.
Donna J. Ruppitz
20 Aug 2006
I purchased some (44 ) dollars worth of seeds for this plant . NOt a single one has germinated as of today..I called you and spoke with someone who told me to try again. I have tried every method to germinate these seeds. Pleas e-mail me to let me know about a refund or store credit. Please don't send these seeds to anyone else/. No wonder you dont offer seeds anymore. PLease let me know how you will accomodate my request.

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Lady of the night. Medium size bush with large white or cream-colored flowers, which are very fragrant after dark. Shade tolerant plant, can be grown in container and as indoor plant. Can take some freeze for short time. This species is the most cold sensitive of all brunfelsias, may die back in cool winter.
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Grown in 10"/3 gal pot

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