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Anthurium hookeri, Bird's Nest Anthurium

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Anthurium hookeri Ruffles
Anthurium hookeri
Family: Araceae
Bird's Nest Anthurium
Origin: Ecuador And Colombia
Large shrub 5-10 ftSmall shrub 2-5 ftShadeSemi-shadeKeep soil moistEpiphyteOrnamental foliage

For those that love jungly plants. Their enormous wrinkly leaves have an almost cardboard like texture and grow to about 2ft. Used in places that have good natural light and lots of space and could benefit from a little bit of drama... In the wild it is epiphytic or epilithic (meaning that it grows without soil either on trees, or in the rocks. Do not plant too deeply, keep moist but not soaked. Beware of slugs and snails, eliminate them with bait or pick them up at night. Wash the foliage regularly to control mites. Mulch abundantly, and fertilize monthly.

The true species produces white berries while the hybrid plant produces red berries.

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Ray Nentautako
USDA Zone:Hot
3 Jun 2008
Anybody could read Indonesian must agree the comments from Anthorium Biadab and M. Fadli Tirta. This is not because I'm a orchid lover but be realistic guys. However, if you want collection of super gigantic leaves from Indonesia. I have much and is free for you except you should pay the delivery cost. I called it Anthorium Dhaoun Phissange. The leaves could reach 6 feet length and consumable if you really hungry. You can reach me via email and I'll give you whatever you want.
M. Fadli Tirta
USDA Zone:11a
21 Feb 2008
Hmm, theres a huge demand for Anthurium species in Indonesia. The price are so high that I dont understand. It doesnt make any sense at all. The most aggressive player are those the opportunitic sellers and prestisse minded- newbie collectors.

The combination of media, nurseries plan and the consumtive behaviour leads to large booming of the Anthurium. I believe theres a shift to superbum or any anthurium which has non smooth leaf.

But I think the anthurium market will over in this year. People are tired with the high price from the seller and confusing names of the anthurium. Even the smallest inch of the leaf could lead to a new name. the consumers tend to be fooled by the sellers. But I cant blame the one who buy anthurium at 10x times more expensive than its usual price just because their lack of information.

perabe manoc thailand
11 Feb 2008
i've alot of same criteria....
also available simmiliar anthurium hybrid
if you need others paple(new X)
anth.Jenmani Black beauty,anth red moon n etc.
for more info pls come...
USDA Zone:jkt
24 Nov 2007
wkkwkaw.saya sangat menyesal atas kebingungan para pecinta bunga diindonesia.saya dapat kabar bahwa anthorium,adenium ,dan lain2 di usa/canada/hawai,adalah bunga murah alias bunga kampung.
!!!inngat musim lohan di indonesia.itu semua adalah politik moneylaudrey dan penguatan nilai rupiah.ada oknum2 lain yg memanfaatkan hal tersebut.adenium antorium bukan bunga langka ingattt !!!! banyak para argobis di indonesia telah disuap supaya mengembor-gemborkan bunga biadab ini.
klo anda merasa bunga langka dan mahal,masihkah anda ingat raflesia arnoldy???bonsai jepang:

igbo igbo
USDA Zone:lom
15 Nov 2007
i love to give you what you want
bangkok thailand
USDA Zone:asi
24 Oct 2007
dear sir

If you are looking for young plant of hookeri

and renaisance I have it a lot .for more detail

please contact me.
19 Sep 2007
Dear all,
I anm in Bangkok, I still have many of the plants name hookeri ruffles that you may want. Feel free to contact me at my e-mail address.
jakarta indonesia
USDA Zone:asi
9 Aug 2007
may i know the address to buy anthurium superbum/superboom and reflexinervium???or if you have information about athurium superbum/superboom and reflexinervium..please contact me at my email...thanks for your attention.
Lirim Ibrahimi
19 Jul 2007
Dear Top Tropicals,

I am very interest with the Anthurium that you have. I wish to buy the seeds from your company.

Is it possible if i buy the planting? to send to Indonesia.

Thank you.


Susilo Wardoyo
Malang, East Java, Indonesia
19 Jul 2007
Your collection for the Anthurium Birdnests are beautiful, I wish could buy for the seed at least especially the superbum one, I have many collection but yours are beautiful, thanks for sharing the such beautiful plants you have.

mbahrowo, indonesia
8 Jul 2007
sodara-sodara ku pecinta daun..
ternyata susah juga impor dari US..
udah jebol pulsa telpon ... I hate You Telkomnet... boros tenan... ra ngapusi soale gak ono warnet maklum ndeso( maap emang orang jawa)
dari pada pusing mari kita galang persatuan pecinta daun Indonesia raya..


Jakarta, Indonesia
11 Jun 2007
Have you seeds all of that? Please send the quotation for superbum seeds and others.Thank you.Bekti
maria rina
24 Apr 2007
i interested with your plant.
in your web, i look image of a anthurium superbum.
do you have this plant?
i want to buy some anthurium superbum.
how much?
can you ship to los angeles or to indonesia?

Ambarawa, Central Java, Indonesia
9 Mar 2007
Wouuuu.. only that's i can said. however how can i buy your anthurium especially super bum.
maybe ican buy seed, cause that's easy to shipping to indonesia.
please call or send me email if you can that all

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if you have information how i can buy anthurium from US please send to my email.
java, Indonesia
USDA Zone:-
26 Jan 2007
hello, alls.
i am interesting your plants that species anthurium.
i wanna order, but if you want, i will order that seeds of anthurium foliage plants.
your plants is nice. what can i do to get same seeds ? how much, i can pay for that?
please send me email.
ok, for your attention, i say, thanks.

Agus Prasetyanto
Solo, Indonesia
4 Dec 2006
I really interest this anthurium. Especially the left one.So cute..Wow i wish i could brought it to my home.can it be ship to indonesia..?please..I buy it.
20 Jul 2006
i want buy seeds bird nest anthurium and seeds anthurium neo to buy???
Shannon Firehammer
Springfield IL usa
USDA Zone:5
3 Aug 2004
I have this Anthurium and i love it its easy to care for i love the foliage it needs room tho but its well worth growing .

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