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Annona reticulata, Custard Apple (Chirimoya - Cuba), Corazon

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Annona reticulata
Family: Annonaceae
Custard Apple (Chirimoya - Cuba), Corazon
Origin: West Indies to Central America & South Mexico
Small tree 10-20 ftRegular waterDeciduousEdibleSubtropical, cold hardy at least to 30s F for a short time

Season: Late Winter to Spring. Erect growing tree, rounded to spreading, leaves 4" to 8" long to 2" wide with conspicuous veins and pungent-smelling. Flowers in drooping clusters, which are fragrant, inconspicuous, and never fully open. Compound fruit 4" to 6" in diameter, roundish to heart-shaped to irregular. Tough, thin skin may be yellow to brown to red when ripe. Flesh is thick creamy-white and custard-like. Red fruits sometimes have pink flesh or red lines running through the flesh. Taste varies, best are sweet, juicy with a distinctive flavor. Tree is fast growing under favorable conditions, responds well to mulching, organic soil, fertilization and irrigation through long drought periods.

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Annona reticulata - Custard Apple

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Large fruit with an opaque, light-red surface. The...  more
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