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Aglaonema sp., Chinese Evergreen

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Aglaonema sp.
Family: Araceae
Chinese Evergreen
Origin: tropical Asia and Africa
Small shrub 2-5 ftSemi-shadeModerate waterOrnamental foliageIrritating

They are grown for their ornamental foliage in homes, greenhouses, and in the outdoors, where climates allow.

These plants should have a moist, but well drained, heavy soil. It will live for long periods in water and in spots with poor light; though bright, indirect sunlight or partial shade is best. Water moderately and maintain a fairly humid atmosphere. Keep them drier throughout the winter.

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Sampson Cadogan
Trinidad and Tobago
USDA Zone:11
26 Dec 2008
The photograph "3537.jpg" on the aglaonema webpage is that of a Homalomena Selby. You can look it up to verify.
huang harry
USDA Zone:tro
16 May 2006
the red gold aglaonema is called the bicolor butterfly, it needs a porus media,It doesn't like many waters, this aglao was a cross from A.commutatum and A.rotundum, A.rotundum was the aglaonema which give red colours to all aglaonema hybrid which had red colours, A. rotundum was only from north sumatra, it has two diffrent types, the round leaf with a pink stripes and red on the back, and the semi round leaf with a red stripes and red on back of the leaf. and for the top left side is called aglaonema "Donna Carmen", it was created in 1985 by Indonesian breeder "Gregory Hambali", it was a cross between A.Rotundum X A.Commutatum X A. Brevispathum, Nb: the most succes alglaonema is The aglaonema "Pride Of Sumatra".

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