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rare plants - fragrant flowers - exotic fruit

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rare plants - fragrant flowers - exotic fruit

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Ageratum conyzoides, Mexican Ageratum, Yoat Weed

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 Ageratum conyzoides
Family: Asteraceae / Compositae
Mexican Ageratum, Yoat Weed
Origin: Central America , Caribbean
Small shrub 2-5 ftFull sunSemi-shadeRegular waterPink flowersWhite/off-white flowersEthnomedical plant.
Plants marked as ethnomedical and/or described as medicinal, are not offered as medicine but rather as ornamentals or plant collectibles.
Ethnomedical statements / products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We urge all customers to consult a physician before using any supplements, herbals or medicines advertised here or elsewhere.Attracts butterflies, hummingbirdsInvasive

The Ageratum is an annual herb that grows about 2 feet high, and produces small, pretty, pink flowers at the top of its hairy stems. In some countries, it is considered a weed that is hard to control. Ageratum is widely utilized in traditional medicine systems where it grows continuously. In Brazil, an infusion is prepared with the leaves and/or the entire plant, and employed to treat colic, colds, fevers, diarrhea, rheumatism, spasms, and is also used as a tonic. It is also highly recommended for burns and wounds. In other countries in Latin and South America the plant is widely used for its antibacterial properties for numerous infectious conditions and bacterial infections. In Africa, ageratum is used to treat fever, rheumatism, headache, pneumonia, wounds, burns and colic.

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Sri sukarmi
USDA Zone:Tro
9 Oct 2013
I think it is not Ageratum conyzoides, it is looks like Pluchea indica
1 Apr 2012
this picture is Pluchea indica not Ageratum conyzoides. thanks.
zainab rejab
penang, malaysia
30 Jul 2010
this young leaves are very nice to eat raw to make ulam (like salad) and eat with sambal belacan with rice. (sambal belacan is a pounded chilli with prawn paste and lime juice) very nice.

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