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Vanilla planifolia, Vanilla fragrans, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean, French Vanilla, Vanilla Orchid

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Vanilla planifolia, Vanilla fragrans
Family: Orchidaceae
Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean, French Vanilla, Vanilla Orchid
Origin: South East M閤ico and Guatemala
Vine or creeperSemi-shadeRegular waterYellow/orange flowersFragrantSpice or herbEdible

This leafy climbing orchid from hot, wet tropical America is grown for its pods which, when dried, become the commercial vanilla. The flowers are hand pollinated. The Aztec Indians in Mexico used Vanilla Pods to flavor their chocolate drink 'Xoco-latl'. Vanilla was introduced to Europe, and French started to grow it in Africa. Vanilla Pods are picked green when they have no scent. The lengthy curing process, which develops fragrant aroma, is one reason for its high cost. Vanilla was believed to be a tonic for the brain. They need a large pot and support for climbing. If really happy, Vanilla planifolia can exceed 100 feet in length in just a few years. They flower only when mature, which takes a few years. Propagated generally by cutting. Plant becomes Epiphytic with age. Water freely, less water in winter.

See article about vanilla.

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Mark Nashaat
cairo egypt
22 Jan 2013
Dear Sir / Madam

Please inform us about the availability of import vanilla plant to be cultivated in Egypt
specially fragrans or vanilla planifolia type.
Even by your company or we will be grateful if we receive recommended from you to other company

Thanks & regard
Mark Nashaat
Tel (202) 01221310617

USDA Zone:9
10 Dec 2010
I just received the Vanilla Orchid I ordered for my grandmother and I couldn't be happier. The plant arrives in perfect condition. I'm impressed with the care and attention to detail that went into the packaging of the plant - right down to the packing peanuts that cradled it in the box! Thank you, I'm sure I'll order from Top Tropicals again.
Ricky J
Racine, WI, USA
USDA Zone:5
12 Mar 2008
The Vanilla vine can go as low as 45F degrees, but if flowering is wanted, keep it warm and moist.
Ricky J.
Racine, WI, 53404
USDA Zone:5
26 Apr 2007
I ordered a vanilla vine last spring from Florida. I keep it in a 3-tier greenhouse in a pot. Below it is a humidifier that lets off warm steam, and a 120 watt plant light 2 and a half feet above it. The vine is doing exceptionally well, eventhough I sometimes forget to replace the water in the humidifier. The leaves at the bottom did become thin due to the lack of humidity, but it never died! It did loose a leaf or two at the base. The vine is now about four feet (it was only a foot when it was shipped to me). I recommend this plant to anyone who has a little time and effort. Just purchase a $7.00 humidifier from a store, a plant light (if grown at a high latitude) and a mini greenhouse.
jacksonville florda
USDA Zone:9
5 May 2006
how low the temperature VANILLA PLANTS can go.

Denise Sessions
Stuart, Florida
16 Jan 2005
I don't know my climate zone. i live 2 hours north of Miami.
I have a vanilla plant for several years and has never bloomed. Can you tell me if it is too cold here for this plant. I have it growing in a pot climbing the side of my orchid house in semi-shade. I give it peters 20-20-20 when I fertilize my orchids. Thank you.

I am looking forward to coming in the spring and acquiring some new plants. My gardens took quite a hit in Frances & Jeanne. I heard about you on the garden show on 610 radio which I listen to when I drive to church on Sundays.

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Vanilla planifolia - Bourbon Vanilla Bean

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Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean, French Vanilla, Vanilla...  more
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