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Licania platypus, Moquilea platypus, Licania michauxii, Sunsapote, Monkey apple, Gopher Apple

Licania platypus, Moquilea platypus, Licania michauxii

Sunsapote, Monkey apple, Gopher Apple
Family: Chrysobalanaceae
Origin: Mexico to Panama
Big tree > 20 ftFull sunModerate waterEdible

The sansapote grows wild in dense forests from southern Mexico to Panama, on both coasts, and also in northern Colombia. This handsome tree is erect, stately, reaching 100 to 160 ft (30-50 m) in height; has a rounded crown of thick branches, heavily foliaged, and dark purplish or brown bark. Fruits take 9-12 months to mature. It blooms with whitish flowers from July to September and the fruits ripen next year from August to December. The fruit is large, 5-8", brown skinned with orange yellow pulp having a sweet flavor and is eaten raw. Trees are not very hardy and don't do well outside of warm tropical climates, free of frost. Rarely grown commercially although fruits are sometimes available in local markets. Propagated by seed.

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