Monstera acuminata, Monstera karwinskyi, Monstera

Monstera acuminata, Monstera karwinskyi

Family: Araceae
Origin: Central America, Mexico
Vine or creeper plantSemi-shadeModerate waterRegular waterEpiphyte plant

Monstera acuminata is native to Central America, Mexico and is found in moist, evergreen forest or along rivers where they can clamber over other vegetation. The species thrives in semi-shade, although young stems may need some direct sunlight. This vine or creeper prefers a moist, well-drained soil and regular watering. In cold regions it can be grown in pots, where it will however require more careful watering and protection from extreme temperatures.

While Monstera acuminata is an epiphyte, it should be grown in soil for normal cultivation, rather than in baskets as an epiphytic. To prevent root rot, good drainage is essential. A light watering once a week should be sufficient. Provide your Monstera acuminata with sufficient light, but not too much direct sunlight. The optimal growing temperature is around 70°F. Keep the soil around the plant just moist, not soggy. In cold regions, it is preferable to grow the Monstera acuminata in a pot. If planting in the garden, use a thick layer of mulch and mulch around newly planted specimens.

Monstera acuminata is a hardy plant and can be grown in USDA Zones 9-11. During the winter, it is best to keep the plant on the dry side.

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Monstera acuminata, Monstera karwinskyi, Monstera

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