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Begonia sp., Begonia. Begonia 'Midnight Magic'
Begonia 'Midnight Magic'

Begonia sp.

Family: Begoniaceae
Origin: Tropical and Subtropicals parts of the World.
Groundcover and low-growing 2ft plantSmall plant 2-5 ftSemi-shadeShadeRegular waterYellow, orange flowersRed, crimson, vinous flowersOrnamental foliageWhite, off-white flowersPink flowers

Begonias have long been popular greenhouse plants in temperate countries and are also used in some gardens, especially those with slightly cooler temperatures. Many hybrids have been developed, some grown primarily for their ornamental foliage, others for their attractive flowers. Among the latter group, which come mostly from tropical American species, are B. x semperflorens, which has small pink or white flowers, both double and single, and B. popenoei, on which the panicles of white flowers rise upright above the leaves. Among the foliage Begonias, B. rex is one of the best known, along with B. x erythrophylla, which has dark green leaves that are purple and red underneath, and B. heracleifolia, with striking green-and-bronze star-shaped leaves. All Begonias prefer moist but well-drained soil and shady conditions, though some will grow in filtered shade. Propagation is by stem or root cuttings or by division of rhizomes. Begonia escargot: Large whorled leaves in chocolate, champagne, silver and pewter tones. Needs high humidity and very even temperatures so that a large terrarium would make the perfect home.

Species and varieties:

Begonia albopicta

Begonia ampla

Begonia amphioxus

Begonia Art Hodes

Begonia bipinnatifida

Begonia boliviensis

Begonia bowerae

Begonia bracteosa

Begonia brevirimosa

Begonia buddleiifolia

Begonia carolineifolia

Begonia coccinea

Begonia conchifolia

Begonia consobrina

Begonia corallina

Begonia Cowardy Lion

Begonia crispula

Begonia diadema

Begonia dregei

Begonia erythrophylla

Begonia ficicola

Begonia foliosa

Begonia goegoensis

Begonia Iron Cross

Begonia listada

Begonia longirostris

Begonia longipetiolata

Begonia loranthoides

Begonia luxurians

Begonia maculata

Begonia maynensis

Begonia mildbraedii

Begonia nelumbiifolia

Begonia nigritarum

Begonia odorata

Begonia partita

Begonia Passing Storm

Begonia polygonoides

Begonia prismatocarpa

Begonia radicans

Begonia Rex - cultorum Group

Begonia ricinifolia

Begonia rossmanniae

Begonia rotundifolia

Begonia Semperflorens - cultorum Group

Begonia soli-mutata

Begonia sutherlandii

Begonia tiliifolia

Begonia teuscheri

Begonia Tuberhybrida Group

Begonia venosa

Begonia x hiemalis

Begonia x hybrida 'I'Conia'

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